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NP2 Secure Portal (NP2)

The NP2 is the secure portal which allows authorized users to receive email, review and download documents, and access information on NBIB products and services to include billing invoice files. The NP2 portal also acts as a gateway to DCSA’s automated systems (e-QIP, PIPS, and CVS).

Designated agency NP2 administrators may register individuals in NP2. NP2 requires a PIV/CAC Card or 2-Factor authentication to access the system. A PIV/PIC or CAC Card must be registered to gain access to DCSA systems. If assistance logging into the system is needed, the NP2 Support Center should be contacted at NP2HelpDesk@opm.gov or at 202-795-2727 between 8:00am and 8:00pm EST.

NP2 login: 
As of 2/8/2021, please use the following URL https://np2.opm.gov