NCCS Values

Our Values

Continuous Improvement

NCCS is leveraging proven agile approaches to software development. By facilitating fast, collaborative, incremental technology releases, these proven methodologies alleviate the need for broad system overhauls and will speed delivery, improve functionality, and deliver customizable solutions to stakeholders. In this approach, NCCS users will be able to provide feedback to inform requirement generation and lead to continuous implementation and improvement.

Increasing Speed and Efficiency

With end-to-end processing, NCCS will greatly expedite the DD Form 254 process. Users will be able to select reviewers and certifiers across the DoD, granting the utmost flexibility in system use, allowing community stakeholders to create unique implementation guidance to fit their needs. With tailorable dashboards, users can track their individual processing statuses, while also having easy access to built in reporting functionality for refined metrics to meet reporting needs.

Expanding Transparency and User Experience

The application itself will be easier to use and provide better information for processing the DD Form 254, providing users help guides throughout the application, and allowing users to switch roles easily from within the system, to alleviate time constraints in completing the DD Form 254.