Enterprise Service Delivery (ESD) - Program Executive Office (PEO)

The Enterprise Service Delivery Program Management Office (PMO) oversees the delivery of DCSA back-office administration and workplace optimization for internal and external stakeholders.  ESD Initiatives result in the following:

  • Enhanced internal and external customer experience
  • Increased transparency of work performance through Metrics and Dashboards
  • Reduced manual processes through integrated, automated workflows
  • Standardized data across the Enterprise via single-entry submission

Mission. Eliminate DCSA internal and external stakeholder administrative burdens through the implementation of Best in Class, cloud-based automation capabilities.  Our capabilities are

Cloud-Based Architecture – increases cyber security posture, provides scalability, interoperability, and system-to-system information sharing

Big Data Platform –  cloud-based architecture for ingesting and storing large datasets, building analytics, and distributing data for visualization.

Enterprise Services   - combines engineering with data science to integrate touch-points & business workflows for the delivery of results to internal/external customers.


AGILE Methodologies - an iterative & collaborative approach to software development that delivers value to customers faster, delivering capability in small, but consumable increments