Agency News

Feb. 1, 2024

DCSA issues ISL 2024-01, Use of Cloud Service Offerings

DCSA has issued Industrial Security Letter (ISL) 2024-01, Commercial Cloud Services (CCS). The ISL provides clarity on the process for DCSA to verify that a cleared contractor's contract includes an authorization by the Government Contracting Activity for the use of CSS in the performance of a classified contract as required by the Defense Federal

Jan. 30, 2024

Use of Conditional Eligibility Determinations for NISP contractors effective February 2024

In February 2024, DCSA Adjudications will grant Conditional National Security Eligibility Determinations for National Industrial Security Program (NISP) contractors. Conditionals provide increased mission resiliency to our customers by diverting national security cases from due process to monitoring provided by the DCSA Vetting Risk Operations'

Nov. 1, 2023

2023 Targeting U.S. Technologies Report now available

The foreign intelligence threat to the nation's defense industrial base has never been more capable, sophisticated or complex. Adversaries use illicit methods to acquire classified and sensitive information and technologies, which can determine the outcome of future conflicts. Mitigating these threats starts with understanding them. Read the latest

Oct. 4, 2023

CAS Call Center now accepting Industrial PCL inquiries

Effective October 1, 2023, the DCSA Consolidated Adjudication Services (CAS) Call Center will provide information and/or assistance regarding industrial personnel security clearances and status inquiries to Industry Facility Security Officers (FSO).

Sept. 28, 2023

DCSA holds Transfer of Authority ceremony

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) bid farewell to Director William K. Lietzau in a ceremony today at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The event reflected on Lietzau's tenure at DCSA and the role of the agency in protecting national security. As part of the ceremony, transfer of authority of the agency was transferred to Daniel J. Lecce, now acting director of DCSA.

Sept. 27, 2023

NISPPAC promotes the importance of National Background Investigation Services

As part of a recent National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC) meeting, the NISPPAC shared a video recording of Ike Rivers, chief security officer at the Institute for Defense Analyses. Rivers spoke about the importance of the partnership between DCSA and industry and encouraged industry to onboard into the National Background Investigation Services and start using the system. Rivers, a NISPPAC member, also talked about the variety of support industry receives from the NISPPAC. To watch the video shared at the NISPPAC meeting,

Sept. 27, 2023

DCSA call center numbers changing

Due to a change in phone carriers and a transfer to CallManager software, all DCSA call center numbers are changing effective October 2.

Sept. 25, 2023

DCSA Leaders Convene with Multinational Industrial Security Working Group to Standardize Security

ZURICH, Switzerland – Three DCSA Industrial Security Directorate leaders represented the United States at the 38th annual Multinational Industrial Security Working Group (MISWG) Plenary, hosted by the Swiss government from Sept. 11-15.

Sept. 21, 2023

New DOD Prevention, Assistance and Response cadre depart Quantico training event to engage in PAR efforts nationwide

QUANTICO, Va. – Brittani Blanchard trained with the Prevention, Assistance and Response (PAR) cadre assigned to military installations across the country – including Hawaii, Alaska and Guam – for the first time and envisioned the PAR program’s future impact upon U.S. military and national security.

Sept. 15, 2023

Now Open: 2024 DCSA Student Experience (DSE)

DCSA is currently accepting applications for the summer 2024 DCSA Student Experience (DSE) from September 15 to October 31. Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university interested in working in a highly competitive internship to gain experience in adjudications, background investigation, counterintelligence, industrial security, personnel security, and other mission support areas are encouraged to apply.